Management Information System (MIS)

You can’t make good decisions about your business unless you have good information!

By merging both traditional business services with tailored management information systems, Proficient works with clients about the real profitable prominence of their business. Knowledge is power our consultant team will work with you to assemble company specific information, interpret and present findings to enable you to make informed decisions.

From the onset of working with Proficient, the team will ask thought provoking and searching questions to identify what information the business needs to  understand how it is performing. This will include KPIs and statistical intelligence – where is the business coming from, what are the profits, who are the clients, product analysis, sales, budget, overhead allocation and analysis, etc. It is not simply about ‘the norm obtaining performance information that is expected for any non-specific business.

With this information Proficient commercially minded advisers will use their extensive experience and knowledge to make recommendations about streamlining your business systems, including the set-up, configuration, procedures and formats.


Proficient supports its clients to invest and establish efficient business information systems internally to ensure businesses are run smoothly.